Due to its high load of creativity you need, sl street marketing usually generates good engagement, but also a good brand awareness.

The activations, the promotions, the material at the point of sale are some examples of the marketing channels, each of which not only has its own specifications, but also has its benefits. Among all the elements that make up the below the line, for its creativity and its visual impact, street marketing is one of the branches that stand out. But, what are the advantages that it has? Precisely ne the following lines will address some of the most important points.

Perhaps one of the main advantages of street marketing is, as already mentioned, the visual impact that campaigns of this type usually generate. Usually, people are caught on public roads by structures or interventions that are generated as part of a strategy of this type.

Street marketing strategies usually require a good amount of creativity. So they have to generate strategies that are considerably creative, which, in one way or another, allows people to live an experience, which they carry with them, which is associated with the brand that made it.

Depending on what is done as part of the street marketing strategy, there are some campaigns that can remain on the public highway for a long time, so that the exhibition is guaranteed 24 hours a day, the feel days of the week.

However, just as it happens with the OOH, when a strategy of this type begins to form part of the landscape, it is necessary to withdraw it or change it so that people can continue to be surprised and in order to generate experiences that leave a deep imprint in the memory of people.

Source: Informa BTL