To begin with, promotional activities should be considered as an excellent channel of distribution, as they seek to ensure that products are not returned.

And how to get this distribution channel on the customer side and at the same time meet the objectives of the brand campaigns?

As a first step, the promotion technique should:

  1. Get product rotation at the point of sale
  2. Generate sales momentum
  3. Product Promotion
  4. The use of merchandising
  5. Attract more traffic to the point of sale.


Although there are several benefits that are generated when employing the BTL Marketing strategy, it is the least aggressive impact on budget employment. With this, you can see the BTL promotion as one of the most viable for small and medium-sized businesses that can not easily face campaign costs the traditional and massive media as its cost is higher.

Another advantage we get from the promotion is that the results are obtained quickly. The effect is immediate, so the results are obtained in the same way. This method is effective and with measurable results.
On the other hand, the promotion seeks to be in front of the final consumer and to be clear what are the preferences of the customers to which each campaign is directed.

Personal attention contributes to the success of this strategy because persuasion is direct. This promotion seeks to reach the customer through the immediate feeling with the product and is addressed to a specific person or a small number of people.

In addition, it must meet the needs in the place of consumers. With the use of different strategies and full of originality, the promotion can be transported to the consumer exactly to the point of sale.

Source: informabtl.com