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The experiences inside the store are important to generate an environment that motivates the consumer to buy.

Branding is the concept that indicates the way in which a brand is constituted, and revolves around the development of the attributes and values that constitute a brand, and that are subsequently communicated to the target audience.

The brands are aware that it is a very powerful component, since through the various elements that make it up, the consumer conceives an idea about the value of the offer, and in the end this translates into credibility and confidence towards certain products or Services, even, helps brands differentiate their offer.

Branding is also key in the positioning of a brand. Today more than ever, retail stores must make a clear differentiation in the market. The experiences inside the store are important to generate an environment that motivates the consumer to buy. The use of certain decoration materials, as well as the way the store is built, together create a brand experience.

According to Fit Small Business, digital signage is one of the trends that are marking the design of retail stores to obtain a greater conversion of sales. This type of signage, for example, allows stores to advertise promotions in an attractive manner. One of the disadvantages is that your costs are high. However, it prevents a sign from being designed every time a promotion is launched. In any case, digital signage is a key component to communicate offers and, at the same time, display new products or information about the brand.

Undoubtedly, branding has a powerful effect on the decision of consumer purchase, because if you consider the elements that revolve around this concept, you will be able to project the personality of the brand in order to identify the products and services that a store offers. In the end, it is possible to mark a differentiation, not only at the product level, but also at an intangible level through the service.






Inside a point of sale, brands or manufacturers are in a constant struggle to be the ones that stand out the most, as well as being the most favored by the choice of the shopper. For this, in addition to the shelf location, an additional display can be an effective way to gain notoriety in store and get the customer’s attention.

As part of the Trade Marketing area, the additional exhibitions represent key strategies to elevate the promotion of a product, take it into the hands of the consumer, communicate a discount or special offer, and motivate customers to buy, even when this It had not been planned.

To make use of an additional exhibition that really implies an investment, but not an expense, it is important that the brand in question defines its business objectives, as well as initiating a negotiation process with the retailer so that the assembly, design and permanence of the exhibition is as optimal and effective as possible.

It may be the case that you have a recent release, which is a great opportunity to use this strategy, but it is necessary to define with caution the use of this additional space and reach an agreement with the retailer, price club or other point of sale in question.

Marketing that complements the exhibition

As it happens with the space allocated in shelf or shelves within a category, it is recommended that in an additional display also the manufacturer supports with other BTL marketing strategies to favor its promotion and thus get the client to stop to look and finish buying the product shown there.

In this sense, the following three marketing actions are suggested to boost the additional exhibitions.

  • POP material: seasonal decorations, striking stands with the name of the brand visible, light inside and different designs, are some of the elements that will make pop material an effective resource.
  • Proof of product: leaving a little product within reach of the shopper, or having a promoter near the exhibition raises the possibility of the consumer approaching to look, try and even buy.
  • Visible prices and promotions: it is important that the client be informed if there is a special price or offer, so that when he sees it, he not only attends the exhibition, but also acquires the product.






Despite the uncertainty that currently exists in Mexico, before a series of changes that impact on the economy of the country, the companies have not dispensed with BTL marketing to maintain their promotion. And among the variety of strategies that it integrates, the activations continue as the leading discipline.

In 2018, of the 55,291 million pesos invested in Below The Line, 30.3 percent went to activations, that is, 17,629 million pesos, according to the latest data from the Annual Investment Study in BTL 2019, carried out by the InformaBTL Research Department.

 The promotion offered to a brand, the possibility it gives to interact and be in direct contact with the target, to offer a different experience and put a product in the hands of the consumer, are just some of the benefits that this strategy gives to the companies that use it, which has remained the favorite of the brands for a couple of years, as shown by the figures of said research department.

Activations in retailers

Even when a brand activation is not limited to a certain space to be carried out, that is, it can be done in open or closed places, retailers are places where, given the level of affluence, it is convenient for the activity to be run by more people.

Diana Lozada, brand beer manager Tecate mentioned that carrying them out in self-service stores is effective because, being in the same place where the product is sold, the customer is persuaded more, in order to awaken their interest and desire to Acquire the product in that same visit, in addition to that in that point of sale are given to know new products or promotions that motivate the purchase intention.

The cinemas are also another type of retailer where this strategy is ideal not only to direct the purchase decision, but also to be disruptive and surprise the customers, since until now they are not a point of sale where they see themselves with frequency differentiated activations. A case that illustrates this is what has been done by Cinemex for a few months, a company that invites part of the cast of some movie in theaters to surprise visitors, an action that benefits the branding of the chain of cinemas, while the makes it more relevant for the consumer, who can increase their visits to their complexes, with the desire to have a similar experience.

Bars and restaurants are other points of sale that, being centers of consumption and coexistence, encourage the purchase of food and beverages, so it becomes an excellent point of contact with the customer to activate it, make it known a certain product and motivate it to buy it in that same bar or restaurant, similar to what happens in a self-service.

Pharmacies are usually a retailer where the activations have gained strength, at least in Mexico, especially the categories such as skin care products or personal hygiene items.

Price clubs are other establishments where activations are recurrent, especially in departments where electronic exhibits, non-perishable products, wines and liquors are displayed, among others.

As for the spaces that can be strategic and represent an area of ​​opportunity, are the gyms, places where an activation of products for personal care and beauty, as well as foods low in fat and sugar, to name a few.