As of today, promotional items continue to be enjoyed not only by consumers, but also by the brands that make use of them.

Diana Lozada, brand beer manager Tecate mentioned in an interview with InformaBTL that, as well as other marketing actions, the promotions have evolved in terms of design, the type of product delivered, as well as the mechanics to give them to consumers, which has led to prevail and have gone from being a commodity to products that awaken desire in the target.

According to data from the Research Department of InformaBTL, in 2018, 87 percent of Mexicans received at least one promotional item, and 85 percent said that they use these products.

Promotional, why should you use them?

One might think that when using promotional items, what a brand wants is just to be grateful to the consumer for their preference or, in the future, to resort to their goods or services.

However, these are not the only benefits that a company gets from a promotional item.

Data from this research department indicate that among the advantages it offers, there are points that stand out and make this marketing action one of the favorites for certain brands.

  • Reminder: not only is it about having the name and image of a company in mind, but also to encourage your recall influences future purchases that will favor the brand in question, in addition to promoting the preference towards it.
  • Generate a purchase: special edition glasses, cylinders with a certain image, notebooks with personalized designs, among others can lead a consumer to buy a good or service, just to get that promotional, and in Mexico there are people who would even pay more for a product, as long as you have the promotional that accompanies it.
  • Win the customer’s preference: by making this type of items appeal to the emotional side of customers, it is easier to gain the preference of the target, since giving these products denotes a form of appreciation by the brand.